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3 packs of 72 uncapped batteries

3 packs of 72 uncapped batteries

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  • 3 packs of 72 uncapped batteries
  • 3 cases of 72 uncapped batteries. (18 inner packs with 12 batteries each)
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Product Rating
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Bulk Pricing and Bundle Packaging - Nice Savings
Thanks for your continued great bulk pricing. I like some of the new bundle packages that you have come up with too. I am grateful to have a company like yours in the NE Ohio region, making it easy and local to fulfill my battery needs.
Nancy (Published 5/6/10)
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Quick Shipping
Got batteries the next day, in my business quick shipping at no additional price is a plus. Pricing and shipping keep me coming back. Thanks.
Tim (Published 2/13/10)
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Duracell Coppertop Bulk 9V Battery Alkaline UNCAPPED 216/Case (MN1604)

$238.61 ($1.10/battery)
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Case(s) Price
2-3 $234.00 ($1.08/battery)
4+ $231.46 ($1.07/battery)

Uncapped Duracell alkaline 9V batteries in economical bulk packaging. Long lasting, reliable power in alkaline 9 volt batteries.

Did you know not every 9 volt is sized the same?

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Product Specifications

Attention Wireless Mic Users:  9V batteries vary is size.  Please refer to your device manufacturer's battery recommendation.  Learn more.

Now featuring Duracell Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology! This technology increases the shelf life of Coppertop 9V batteries from 3 years to up to 5 years if properly stored. For more information, read the Duracell Duralock Power Preserve™ fact sheet

These Duracell Coppertop 9v batteries free shipping are strong, long-lasting alkaline batteries. They are uncapped, meaning they do not have detachable terminal protectors in place safeguarding the + and - leads like our Duracell Procell line. Duracell 9volt batteries are the consumer version of the Duracell Procell brand. Fresh Coppertop 9volt batteries typically show 9.4-9.5 voltage, while Procell 9volt batteries are charged 9.5 or higher. Keep this in mind when purchasing 9v batteries for your most critical applications. The Procell is a superior battery and will generally outlast the Coppertop. As with all our batteries, these Duracell 9 volt batteries bulk are 100% guaranteed.

The technical specs for Duracell Coppertop and Duracell Procell batteries are identical.

Duracell Procell is the professional/industrial brand specifically marketed to businesses and organizations who use batteries in their operations. A fresh Duracell Procell battery is typically charged a bit higher (9.5 volts or higher) than the Duracell Coppertop (which could be between 9.4 and 9.5 volts). Our Duracell 9v alkaline batteries are fresh and highly dependable, delivering long-lasting power. Duracell Coppertop 9 volt batteries bulk operate reliably in temperature extremes of -20° C to 54° C. Duracell 9volt batteries have a minimum 4 year shelf life and are date coded with the expiration month and year stamped on each battery. Duracell Coppertop 9volt batteries contain no added mercury. Special disposal not required for these cheap 9V batteries.

Do I need capped Duracell Coppertop batteries?

Capped batteries are for applications where the 9 volt battery will be traveling extensively. The cap is a replaceable, detachable terminal protector that safeguards + and - leads from shorting out during travel against conducting metal objects such as wires, other batteries, loose change in your pocket (ouch!), etc. Most applications do not need them but they are convenient for identifying batteries that have been used.

Please note: USPS Priority Mail is the shipping method we utilize for these 9 volt batteries - Free Shipping. Average arrival is 3 business days.

Package Weight (lbs) 24.6
Manufacturer Product Number MN1604a
Chemistry Alkaline
Nominal Voltage 9 V
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 54°C (-4°F to 130°F)
Rechargeable No
For Use In Wireless microphones, in ear monitors, hand held devices, smoke alarms, infusion pumps, radios, portable transmitters, security back-up systems and more.
Battery Replacement Cross Reference Guide 1604AC, 1604A, A1604, AL-9V, 7590, 6AM6
Product Minimum Shelf Life

Need to know the exact EXP. DATE for the batteries we are shipping today? Give us a call!

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