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The alkaline battery experts at Medic are wondering - how do you buy alkaline battery products? Do you check the date code? Do you wonder where they were made? Do you assume every alkaline battery is the same and just grab what’s cheap and available? Well, here’s something we’ve learned through years of alkaline battery experience - when you buy alkaline batteries, just because they look the same on the outside, they are not always the same on the inside!

You can be absolutely sure your alkaline batteries from Medic Batteries will reliably power devices such as medical devices, wireless microphones, smoke alarms and flashlights. Since 1993 we have dedicated ourselves to delivering our customers the finest 9 Volt, AA, AAA, D and C alkaline batteries in the industry by continually outperforming competitors with our superior customer service, consistently low prices, and our unique, 100% satisfaction guarantee on every alkaline battery we sell.

So don’t buy alkaline battery inferiors and don’t buy alkaline battery fakes. If you want to be sure your alkaline batteries will deliver reliable, long-lasting power, buy alkaline battery originals only from Medic Batteries. Shop with confidence. Shop with Medic Batteries.

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