Lithium AAA Batteries - Free Shipping!

Ever used an energizer lithium battery? Medic’s AAA lithium batteries are Absolutely reliable, All-powerful and Authentic – truly what you would expect from an energizer lithium battery or any other respected brand we carry. Our AAA lithium batteries, like an energizer lithium battery, are always top quality name brands you know and trust. What you might not know is that AAA lithium batteries, while small, lightweight and compact, have five times more power than regular alkaline batteries making them perfect for high-drain devices like cameras and electronics. Our AAA lithium batteries are fresh, 100% guaranteed and are offered at a very competitive price for lithium batteries-free shipping, too! With a shelf life of at least ten years, it just makes sense to try an energizer lithium battery if you haven’t already, then buy a whole box of AAA lithium batteries from Medic! We know you’ll be thrilled with our AAA lithium batteries. Free shipping is just the beginning-just wait till you use them!

AAA Energizer lithium batteries are 33 percent lighter than their alkaline counterparts. Energizer lithium AAA batteries have a minimum of a 10 year shelf life. These are NON-RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. Our Energizer Lithium AA batteries are fresh and highly dependable, delivering long-lasting power.

Family owned Medic Batteries offers the highest quality AAA lithium batteries - free shipping at the lowest possible price. Why buy lithium batteries anywhere else? Shop Medic! Free shipping on lithium AAA batteries!
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  • 144 Batteries Shrink-wrapped in pairs

    Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries 144/Case (L92)

    $288.00 ($2.00 /battery)

    $257.76 ($1.79 /battery)

  • 72 Batteries shrink-wrapped in pairs

    Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA 72 Count (L92)

    $158.40 ($2.20 /battery)

    $133.32 ($1.85 /battery)

  • Blister pack of 4 batteries

    Energizer AAA Lithium Battery 4/Pack (L92)

    $16.00 ($4.00/battery)
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    Pack(s) Price
    2-3 $15.00 ($3.75/battery)
    4-10 $13.00 ($3.25/battery)
    11-18 $10.60 ($2.65/battery)
    19-29 $10.00 ($2.50/battery)
    30-39 $9.00 ($2.25/battery)
    40+ $8.40 ($2.10/battery)


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6 Set Ascending Direction