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Get More than Just a Cheap 9V Battery—Get the Right One—When You Buy 9V Batteries

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Getting the right 9V battery is more important than getting a cheap 9V battery. Medic Batteries offers low-cost 9V batteries in lithium, alkaline, and rechargeable types, and each is best for a certain use.

Buy 9V Batteries 

•    For long life and performance, lithium batteries are the best choice. Though you’ll spend more for lithium when you buy 9V batteries, they have up to four times the life of alkaline, making them ideal for smoke detectors and other critical uses.  Lithium 9V batteries are a good investment in the long term.  If you are looking for a cheap 9V battery in the short term, you may want to look at our alkaline batteries.

•    Alkaline batteries are the best blend of economy and performance. When you buy 9V batteries, you will get a good shelf life out of them plus they’ll work well for everyday use.  Alkaline 9V batteries are an excellent choice for a cheap 9V battery.

•    Rechargeable batteries are great for the environment and are a good way to buy 9V batteries for occasional use. They work best when used right after charging and when recharged after use. Rechargeable batteries decrease in performance over time and may lose their charge when not in use, even if a device is off.  A rechargeable 9V is not a cheap 9V battery, but it may be a good investment in the long term.

Buy 9V batteries at Medic Batteries.   We carry quality 9V batteries for every application—value priced, shipped fast, and guaranteed fresh.

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