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Duracell Procell Battery 9-Volt

Duracell Procell Battery 9-Volt

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  • Duracell Procell Battery 9-Volt
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Product Rating
Product Rating
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Great product great service
We use these batteries in our wireless mic system for shows. I typically order 6 dozen at a time and get a great price. The batteries always perform flawlessly. We install new batteries before every show and have never had a problem or failure.
Nick (Published 4/8/2016)
Product Rating
Good for wireless mics
These last & never leak. We use them in wireless mics and never have a problem.
Cas (Published 11/18/2015)
Product Rating
Best Batteries you can buy...
I used to buy regular old copper tops for our wireless mics, but I could only get them in six packs, and they were pretty expensive. These are way less expensive, and I have definitely noticed a difference in performance.
Random Church Sound Guy (Published 11/7/2015)
Product Rating
Excellent Resource
Haven't found a better place to purchase batteries; incredible product and service.
Harry (Published 8/29/2015)
Product Rating
Exactly what we needed when we needed it at an excellent cost
Batteries for our backline and audio needs at a cost that has not been beat.
Don (Published 6/7/2015)
Product Rating
The BEST 9V Battery for your Buck
I LOVE this battery, and I LOVE MedicBatteries. I run a company that produces small, electronic cognitive enhancement devices called The Brain Stimulator, and we use a 9V battery to power all of our devices. With the technology we use in our devices, the power source is one of the most important elements. The power has to be steady, powerful, reliable, and must never fail. We spent hours and hours researching and testing 9V batteries, and I can confidently say that nothing compares to the Duracell Procell 9V battery.

Once we found the battery, we searched for the perfect vendor, and we found that in MedicBatteries. Even with a small initial order, I was welcomed by the customer service team with open arms, and I immediately felt like I was a part of the family. I am extremely passionate about the products we produce, and I can see the same is true of those who work at MedicBatteries. I am constantly finding myself doubling my order quantity, as these batteries quickly catch on in the tDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) industry.

The incredibly customer service was enough to sell me on this company, but on top of their service, they've gone above and beyond to provide the most reasonable prices in the battery industry. Seriously, go do some Googleing, you will not come across better prices than you will find here. With the coupons I receive through their email program and on their website, I find my cost per piece lowering with each order! As a cost conscious company, who could ask for more!

Additionally, MedicBatteries is continually consistent in the quality of product they ship. I test random batches of every order I receive, and I'm starting to realize that I'm wasting my time, because I've never experienced anything less than perfect results. MedicBatteries hold themselves to very high standards, and because of that, I never have to worry about the batteries I receive. In the first batch of Procell 9V Batteries I ever received, I tested every battery and found that the average output was 9.62V, and that's incredible! You can see a picture of the results I found here:

In summation, because of MedicBatteries' stellar customer service, unbeatable prices, and unwavering quality, I am forever a customer of this incredible family owned company, and I couldn't be prouder to say so.
tDCSforEveryone (Published 5/26/2015)
Product Rating
I gladly recommend Medic batteries, especially for the 9 volt batteries we use in our wireless devices.
Their service is excellent, and I will continue to use them as our supplier.
The Gate Church (Published 5/4/2015)
Product Rating
Always fast and the best price I've found!
Plum (Published 4/18/2015)
Product Rating
Well satisfied
My orders are packed very good and arrive pretty fast. I like having the protective plastic covers on each battery. I have had very good luck with the Duracell Procell and Energizer Industrial. Very good people to deal with! I will be buying more when I need more.
Ken (Published 4/9/2015)
Product Rating
Trustworthy batteries
We purchase ProCell 9V batteries on an ongoing basis. We use these trustworthy batteries in our wireless microphones because we must have 100% up time.
Andrew (Published 4/6/2011)
Product Rating
Best for Shure
I use one battery in my Shure P6R Beltpack Receiver for PSM 600 Wireless In Ear Monitoring System each week. I use the same battery for warmup and services for both AM and PM. I also use the same battery for our Wednesday night services and my Thursday Praise & Worship practice.
Jay (Published 3/4/2011)
Product Rating
Saved Us Money
At our church I was using regular 9V on 4 of our wireless mics and was going through many batteries in a month. After switching to the ProCells, I can run one battery on a wireless mic way longer than with the regulars. This not only saved us money but saved me a lot of aggravation. I would also recommend MedicBatteries to anyone. Doing business with them is very smooth. Thanks.

Hamburg (Published 8/4/2010)
Product Rating
A must for any irrigation system
Duracell Procell 9 Volt Alkaline Battery 72/Case (PC1604) - As an Irrigation and Landscaping Supply Company, we started selling the Procell after several years of positive customer feedback and proven field application performance. We recommend it to our customers upon purchase of Irrigation controllers (residential, commercial and most specially institutional satellite based ones) as they have provided stable programming storage, very few data corruption cases, and less call-back for our contractor clients. This product has eliminated a substantial amount of unnecessary product support issues caused by unreliable memory back-up batteries, resulting in reduced product warranty cost both for us and the manufacturers of the products we sell. We've previously stocked Panasonic Commercial 9V Alkalines. it proved to be a disaster - our customer returns/exchange rate rose along the same type of products across different brands. It took us months for us and our product manufacturers to figure out it was battery related. And longer to assure our customers that it wasn't the units, but the batteries. The Energizer Commercial 9V Alkalines proved to be quite a very competent replacement. Very stable voltage rates, long-lasting, reliable performance but at a higher price tag. However, complaints on the Duracell Procell were non-existent if any, it's about equal quality-wise at a better price, so it seemed a logical choice.
Rob (Published 5/3/2010)
Product Rating
Will happily recommend you
I heard about your company through Church Production Magazine. I ordered a case of Duracell Procell 9V batteries and couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely be back when I need to reorder, and will happily recommend your site to anyone who needs batteries.
Lawrence (Published 12/14/2009)
Product Rating

Duracell Procell 9 Volt Alkaline Battery 72/Case (PC1604)

$86.24 ($1.20/battery)
Buy More, Save More
Case(s) Price
4+ $83.90 ($1.17/battery)

Highest quality capped Duracell alkaline 9 volt batteries in economical bulk packaging. Long lasting, reliable Procell 9 volt battery.

Did you know not every 9 volt is sized the same?

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Product Specifications

Attention Battery  Users:
9V batteries vary in size.  Please refer to your device manufacturer's battery recommendation.  Learn more.

From hospitals and safety departments to sound techs and broadcasters, the stong, long-lasting power of the Duracell Procell 9 volt alkaline battery is the preferred choice of professionals nationwide. Similar to the Duracell Coppertop battery, the Duracell Procell 9 Volt battery is great for businesses and organizations that count on batteries in their operations. Outstanding Duracell performance and reliability combined with Medic Batteries great price makes this 9 volt battery a great buy.

Our Procell 9V batteries deliever long-lasting, dependable, and fresh power in temperature extremes from -20° C to 54° C. Each 9 volt battery is stamp coded with an expiration month and year allowing for a minimum 4 year shelf life. Duracell Procell 9 volt battery contains no added mercury, meaning no special disposal is required.

Do I need capped Duracell Coppertop batteries?

Capped batteries are recommended for users who travel with their 9 volt batteries. The cap is a replaceable, removable (+) and (-) terminal protector that safeguards leads from shorting out during travel by stopping them from conducting against metal objects such as open wires, batteries, pocket change, etc. While most office applications do not need them, caps are convenient for identifying batteries that have been used.

SKU MDP9V000972
Package Weight (lbs) 8.5
Manufacturer Product Number PC1604
Chemistry Alkaline
Nominal Voltage 9 V
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 54°C (-4°F to 130°F)
Rechargeable No
For Use In Wireless microphones, in ear monitors, hand held devices, smoke alarms, infusion pumps, radios, portable transmitters, security back-up systems and more.
Battery Replacement Cross Reference Guide 1604AC, 1604A, A1604, AL-9V, 7590, 6AM6
Product Minimum Shelf Life

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