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free shipping medic batteries

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12 capped batteries, no inner packs

12 capped batteries, no inner packs

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  • 12 capped batteries, no inner packs
  • 12 capped batteries, no inner packs
Product Rating
Product Rating
7 Review(s)


great product
ron (Published 2/4/2016)
Product Rating
The product is very good but the speedy service is GREAT
I ordered the battery 12/pack's and 3 day's later they were in my mail box.
Jim (Published 9/26/2015)
Product Rating
Great Value
For a few years, I had been buying 9V batteries at local stores for three times the price I can get them at Medic Batteries. Now, I buy two, 12-packs of 9Vs and still come out ahead even counting the shipping cost.
Michael D (Published 6/1/2015)
Product Rating
Surprisingly good batteries
I'm a musician and deal with a lot of situations where a wall adapter supply is impractical (wireless apps for example). So I go through a lot pf batteries of several sizes. And while deals on AA and AAA cells are easy to come by, that's not usually the case with 9V. So when i saw these for such a good price, I was expecting substandard life expectancy. I was happily proven wrong. These batteries deliver!
Peter P. (Published 4/13/2015)
Product Rating
Will Come Back!
It's all good! I keep coming back! Speaks for itself.
B. (Published 3/27/2015)
Product Rating
The Perfect Microphone Batteries
We purchased 9 volt batteries to use in our microphones for our sound system. We are very satisfied with the quality. We are very happy with the cost and the shipping. It's the fastest we have ever had.
Theresa G. (Published 5/9/2011)
Product Rating
Other companies aren’t as reliable
When I design a sound system, I always advise my customers to power it with Medic Batteries. Batteries from other companies aren’t as reliable and I don’t want my hard work to go to waste.
Toby (Published 5/5/2009)
Product Rating

Energizer 9 Volt Alkaline Battery 12/Pack (E522)

$15.49 ($1.29/battery)
Buy More, Save More
Pack(s) Price
4-5 $14.41 ($1.20/battery)
6+ $13.80 ($1.15/battery)
High quality, bulk packaged Energizer alkaline 9 volt batteries. These 9v batteries are capped. Professional 9 volt battery.

Did you know not every 9 volt is sized the same?

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Product Specifications

Attention Wireless Mic Users:
9V batteries vary is size.  Please refer to your device manufacturer's battery recommendation.  Learn more.

The Energizer 9 Volt battery is a strong, long-lasting alkaline battery. Energizer 9 Volt batteries are the preferred choice of professionals - sound technicians, broadcasters, hospitals, police and fire departments nationwide. The Energizer 9 Volt battery contains the long lasting power found in the Energizer Max alkaline with a design and packaging for businesses, organizations, agencies that use batteries in their operations. Outstanding performance and reliability combined with a great price makes the Energizer 9 Volt battery a great buy and 100% guaranteed.

Our Energizer 9 Volt batteries are fresh and highly dependable, delivering long-lasting power. Energizer 9 Volt battery operates reliably in temperature extremes of -30° C to 55° C. Each Energizer 9 volt battery has a minimum 4 year shelf life and is date coded with the expiration month and year stamped on each battery. The Energizer 9v battery contains no added mercury. Special disposal not required.

Do I need capped batteries?

Capped batteries are for applications where the 9 volt battery will be traveling extensively. The cap is a replaceable, detachable terminal protector that safeguards + and - leads from shorting out during travel against conducting metal objects such as wires, other batteries, loose change in your pocket (ouch!), etc. Most applications do not need them but they are convenient for identifying batteries that have been used.

SKU MEC9V000761
Package Weight (lbs) 2
Manufacturer Product Number 522
Chemistry Alkaline
Nominal Voltage 9 V
Operating Temperature Range -18°C to 55°C (0°F to 130°F)
Rechargeable No
For Use In Wireless microphones, in ear monitors, hand held devices, smoke alarms, infusion pumps, radios, portable transmitters, security back-up systems and more.
Battery Replacement Cross Reference Guide 1604AC, 1604A, A1604, AL-9V, 7590, 6AM6
Product Minimum Shelf Life

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