Lithium Battery Packs – Bulk Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are essential in today’s high tech devices. Medic Batteries offers bulk lithium batteries to fulfill all your lithium battery needs. Lightweight, compact lithium battery packs from Medic Batteries are a reliable, versatile, high power choice for devices such as smoke detectors, digital cameras and other electronics – where longevity and reliability cannot be left to chance with anything other than a lithium battery. A lithium battery lasts five to six times longer than an alkaline battery to provide you the peace of mind you expect when you install a smoke detector. Family owned Medic Batteries offers the highest quality bulk lithium batteries at the lowest possible price. Because of the powerful energy density in lithium batteries, they will always cost more than alkaline, but for that slightly higher cost, you get tremendous benefits when you buy lithium battery packs. Our lithium battery packs are kept in our temperature controlled, dry storage facility. Bulk lithium batteries are generally shipped immediately, and will arrive fresh - guaranteed.

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