Energizer Rechargeable Batteries? Try Rayovac Rechargeables Instead.

The Energizer rechargeable battery (NiMH battery) is a great choice of battery, but Rayovac Platinum batteries offer a compelling alternative lasting 2 to 3 times longer than standard NiMH rechargeables. There is plenty of confusion about rechargeables - both Rayovac and the older NiMH Energizer rechargeable battery are designed to use as follows: charge it, use it, then recharge before the next use. Energizer rechargeable batteries are not designed to be used over the long term since they have a high self-discharge rate (NiMH batteries DO NOT hold a charge like an alkaline battery); while Rayovac rechargeables do hold a longer charge ideal for digital cameras and other quick use devices. The Energizer rechargeable battery has been improved from the old nickel-cadmium battery and provides more power while also eliminating some of the concerns over use of heavy metals in the cells. And of course, rechargeable batteries - when right for the application - are also GREAT for the environment!

WHEN CAN I USE A RECHARGEABLE BATTERY? Use Rayovac rechargeables in cameras and other high drain devices. You can use Energizer rechargeable batteries in devices you are going to use immediately after charging the batteries. The Energizer rechargeable batteries are not ideal for all applications. Energizer NiMHs lose their charge quickly, so you shouldn’t use them for smoke detectors, baby monitors or wireless mics.

HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO RECHARGE? The Energizer rechargeable battery, as well as Rayovac rechargeables, should be recharged before use. They lose power even if they're just sitting in a drawer. So remember, they're not the best choice for, say, emergency flashlights. (Use an alkaline or lithium battery instead.)
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