Did you know the danger of using substandard 3V lithium batteries?

Reports have been released by US manufacturers stating there have been incidents of primary lithium batteries exploding, leaking, and even catching on fire in popular brands of flashlights (such as Surefire) and other equipment, caused by the use substandard batteries. There have been more reports of issues with lithium 3 volt 123 batteries than the lithium AA batteries.

At Medic Batteries we recommend using batteries made in the USA, or made to USA standards. Duracell 123 batteries, for example, are made in Japan, but to Duracell’s USA standards. Duracell and Energizer both used to manufacture all of their 123 batteries in the USA, but both have moved the production of their lithium 123 batteries to Japan. Buying potentially counterfeit and substandard batteries from unreliable sources can be incredibly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

How to avoid dangerous counterfeit and/or faulty batteries:

  • Use only brand name, American made batteries (made in the USA or to USA standards set by a respected well-known manufacturer, such as Duracell or Energizer)
  • Only buy from a respected company that guarantees the batteries’ quality and manufacturing standards, such as Medic Batteries where we provide quality products at unbeatable prices with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.