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Rechargeable 9 Volt Batteries for Wireless Microphones

After considering the environmental ramifications and the expense of disposable alkaline batteries, some wireless microphone users are making a move towards rechargeables. We’d like to share a few tips about rechargeable 9 Volt batteries for wireless microphones to guide your decision making and help you choose the right batteries to power your wireless mic.


Many different rechargeable 9 Volt batteries for wireless microphones are available on the market today, but we find reviews are mixed. Many people are experimenting with rechargeables, but there is no consensus on the best rechargeable 9 Volt batteries for wireless microphones. Duracell Procell alkalines are widely favored as the non-rechargeable option.

A wrong sized battery may not properly slide into the battery cavity. There may be warranty concerns should the rechargeable battery damage the device. Poor performance may result from a poor fit. Hint: battery size differences are not easily detected by the human eye; they vary in fractions of a millimeter. Rechargeable batteries may also change slightly in size (get bigger) when fully charged. 

Some microphone manufacturers frown upon using rechargeable 9 Volt batteries for wireless microphones, though they’re more accepting of rechargeable AA batteries. 

Many consumer-grade 9 Volt rechargeables produce only 7.2 volts. When selecting rechargeable 9 volt batteries for wireless microphones, Buyer Beware! Hint: A true 9.6 volt rechargeable battery is what you are after when you plan to use rechargeable 9 Volt batteries for wireless microphones.

Two other essential items to invest in: a high quality charger for rechargeable 9 Volt batteries for wireless microphones and a high-end battery tester, such as the ZTS battery load tester.

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