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The Cheapest Batteries Online: Not Always the Bargain They Seem to Be

Cheapest batteries online.” It’s a highly searched phrase on the Internet, because everyone’s looking for a bargain.

But think for a minute about what you’re really looking for. You want exceptional value. You want to get the most battery power possible for your money. In most cases, buying the cheapest batteries online isn’t going to get you what you want.

The cheapest batteries online likely are cheap for a reason. The freshness, quality, and reliability all may be as low as their price.

Instead of promising you the cheapest batteries online, Medic Batteries promises you the best value: Low prices on fresh, top-brand-name batteries, shipped fast and guaranteed to perform.

One customer told us why he chose Medic Batteries for his recent battery purchase—and it wasn’t because they were the cheapest batteries online:

“Sometimes you go away from a transaction feeling like every element was right, and that people purposely made it that way. So it was with this one. I appreciated the price (not THE cheapest but in the low range), the free shipping (made the price come down near the bottom), the speed with which the batteries came, the little plastic box in which they came, the initials of the person who fulfilled the order on an included card, and … this survey. I have bookmarked your site and will definitely go there when I next need batteries of this type.…” —Jerry, Indiana

Join our long list of customers like Jerry who choose our low-priced, high-quality batteries over simply the cheapest batteries online. 


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Which Is the Best Site to Buy Batteries Online? The Easy Answer

Which is the best site to buy batteries online? Medic Batteries, of course. 

It’s easy for us to say. We know that our freshness guarantee, our superior customer service, our high-quality products, our fast shipping, and our excellent prices make us stand out from the rest.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. A few of our loyal customers weigh in below to help you decide which is the best site to buy batteries online:


•  Medic Batteries has been a great resource for our company! We generally go through batteries like water       so it is extremely important that we have batteries on hand to run our daily business. I have only ordered batteries twice from them so far, but both experiences have left me “In Awe” at the fast response to our order and shipment. You couldn’t ask for a better resource if you are a fast paced company that requires a quick response. —Dyanne S., IT Manager, Bar’s Products, Inc.

•  I’ve used Medic Batteries a few times now for buying large quantities of batteries to power our wireless microphones and couldn’t ask for a better experience. Prices are just right, sales make it even better, and customer service and delivery are fast and efficient. Thanks Medic Batteries! —Bennett, Glen Burnie, MD

•  I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate doing business with Medic Batteries. I found what I wanted, ordered it, and received it within a couple days. The price was great and shipping very fair. You’re a quality business. —Rick, Fallbrook, CA

Still wondering which is the best site to buy batteries online? Call us at 1-800-479-6334 and let our friendly customer service representatives introduce you to the best battery store on the Web.


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Best Place to Buy Batteries Online - Rave Reviews

Looking for the best place to buy batteries online? If you are in need of discount batteries in popular sizes, MedicBatteries.com should be your go-to source. 

Why is MedicBatteries.com the best place to buy batteries online?

• Award winning customer service

• 30-50% OFF retail pricing

• Guaranteed fresh batteries, stored in a climate controlled facility

• Flat rate or free shipping

• Same day shipping on orders placed before 4PM EST

• Family owned since 1993

But don’t take our word for it … check out the reviews of customers who find us to be the best place to buy batteries online, like Steve Zapytowski, Professor of Design and Technology at Kent State University. 

Below are a few other customer reviews we'd like to share:

“I called before placing my first online order … it was reassuring someone answered, unlike so many other online vendors who are very unresponsive to calls and questions regarding their products and company.”

Ron Corpus Christi, TX

“Wow, thank you very much! This is the best customer service experience that I've had in quite a while. It seems like the larger a company is, the more difficult it is to get them to correct their mistakes. I really appreciate how you have treated me, and I have recommended you to other pastors in the area. We will be continuing our business with you. Thanks again!”

Pastor K Osborne, KS

Ron and Pastor Osborne both agree that we are the best place to buy batteries online. We take great pride in providing top-notch customer service to each and every one of our customers. We know that if you buy batteries from us, you’ll agree that MedicBatteries.com is the best place to buy batteries online.