Save Money and Time by Buying Bulk AA Lithium Batteries From Medic Batteries

Medic Batteries proudly sells bulk AA lithium batteries from Energizer—one of the world’s top battery brands. Consumers choose lithium batteries over their alkaline counterparts for several reasons: Lithium batteries are as much as 33 percent lighter than traditional batteries; they last up to four times as long, with a minimum shelf life of 10 years; they are excellent for outdoor use because they can withstand extreme temperatures; and they pollute the environment less than alkaline batteries do. These benefits make bulk lithium AA batteries worth their higher price.

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When you purchase bulk lithium AA batteries from Medic Batteries, you pay less by buying more. That is, your cost per battery goes down as the number of batteries in the pack goes up. In addition to offering low prices on Energizer bulk AA lithium batteries, we guarantee that the batteries we sell are fresh and fully charged. Combine this with our fast shipping (free for lithium batteries!) and exceptional customer service, and you’ll see why so many professionals and consumers make Medic Batteries their trusted source for batteries.