Medic Batteries Has High-Quality, Brand-Name Alternatives to CR123a 3v Batteries

If you’re looking for high-quality, low-cost CR123a 3v batteries to power your digital cameras, tactical lights, or firearm lights, Medic Batteries has you covered. We stock premium Duracell Ultra 123 batteries, which power everything that CR123a 3v batteries do.

Duracell Ultra 123 lithium batteries provide up to four times the power of alkaline batteries, giving you long, reliable battery life. We recommend these brand-name batteries over any off-brand CR123a 3v batteries, which may be dangerous as well as less powerful.

Whether you need just a few batteries or hundreds, Medic Batteries will ship your order quickly and—best of all—free. For quality products and great service, Medic Batteries is your trusted source for batteries on the Web.


CR123a 3v batteries