Hybrid vs Eneloop

Pre-charged rechargeable technology was originally developed in 2005, combining the advantages of rechargeable and alkaline batteries. Pre-charged rechargeable batteries are ready to use right out of the package. Unlike typical rechargeable batteries, pre-charged rechargeable batteries maintain their charge longer when not in use.

There are several pre-charged rechargeable batteries on the market, including the Rayovac Hybrid and the Sanyo Eneloop. But which is the best?

Eneloop vs. Rayovac – The Sanyo Eneloop was the first pre-charged rechargeable battery introduced and Rayovac soon followed with the Rayovac Hybrid.

Both the Rayovac and Eneloop maintain their charge over time, take 4 times more shots in digital cameras than alkaline batteries and are earth-friendly, but what are the differences?

Eneloop vs Rayovac – Rayovac offers better value!

In respect to cost with Rayovac Hybrid vs Eneloop, Rayovac Hybrid batteries are a better value. And when you order your Rayovac Hybrid batteries from Medic Batteries, shipping is free and every battery is 100% guaranteed.  This should guide you in the selection of Eneloop vs Rayovac.

Rayovac Hybrid vs Eneloop Charger

Rayovac Hybrid batteries can be charged in any NiMH charger, unlike the Sanyo Eneloop batteries. Using another NiMH charger will void Sanyo’s warranty.

While both Rayovac Hybrid and Sanyo Eneloop are high performing pre-charged batteries, Medic Batteries recommends Rayovac when considering Eneloop vs Rayovac. Rayovac Hybrids can be used in any charger and are an affordable alternative to the Eneloop.

Medic Batteries sells fresh Rayovac Hybrid batteries that are 100% guaranteed. Outstanding reliability plus free same day shipping makes Rayovac Hybrid batteries a great buy.