Laser Pointer Battery - Laser Pointer Batteries - LR44 AG13

Is that laser pointer not working as well as it once did? Maybe the laser is no longer as bright or it has stopped working altogether. The reason you may be experiencing this is the LR44 AG13 batteries could be running low. LR44 and AG13 are the most common laser pointer batteries. Despite the different names LR44 and AG13 batteries are interchangeable as laser pointer batteries. Replacing your laser pointer battery will result in your laser pointer being as good as new. Like many odds-and-ends batteries, laser pointer batteries may not be carried at your local store. But have no fear; Medic Batteries has a variety of laser pointer batteries in bulk for your needs. By buying the laser pointer battery you need in bulk, you will always have a replacement on hand when one battery dies. So, what are you waiting for? Get the laser pointer battery you need in bulk from Medic Batteries now!

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