For Price and Quality, You Can’t Beat Energizer Lithium AA Batteries

When you need powerful lithium AA batteries, look no further than Medic Batteries. We proudly sell Energizer lithium AA batteries because both professionals and consumers recognize this top brand for its power and long life.

Lithium AA batteries

Lithium batteries have several advantages over their alkaline counterparts:

  • Lithium batteries last up to four times as long as alkaline batteries, with a minimum shelf life of 10 years. This longer shelf life translates to fewer batteries in landfills and therefore benefits the environment.
  • Lithium batteries can perform in extreme temperatures, so they are an excellent choice for outdoor applications.
  • Lithium batteries won’t weigh down your portable electronics. These batteries weigh as much as one-third less than alkaline ones—and you’ll feel the difference.

If you’re sold on lithium for your power needs, let Medic Batteries be your supplier. In addition to offering an excellent price, we guarantee that any batteries we sell will be fresh and ready to deliver the long-lasting power our customers expect. Our exceptional customer service and fast shipping round out a shopping experience we know you’ll want to repeat.

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