Paintball batteries - Paintball accessories, Tippman paintball accessory

Not even the top Tippman paintball accessory will protect you if your paintball batteries fail. Ready…aim…f…..fizzle!

The best gun and the latest paintball accessories are worthless if your paintball batteries don’t work. Medic Batteries’ Duracell Procell 9V paintball batteries are the answer! Paintball accessories are a big investment, especially a Tippman paintball accessory, so it’s hard to believe that a little paintball battery is so vital. But as paintball accessories go, it’s true, so always buy your paintball accessories – paintball batteries from Medic Batteries!

Like Tippman paintball accessories, Medic Batteries’ Duracell 9 Volt disposable paintball batteries enhance your game. Rechargeable batteries cannot give you this kind of security!

9.6 Volt rechargeable paintball batteries
…self-discharge faster than disposable 9V paintball batteries
…must be fully drained before being recharged
…can easily be overcharged
…are not necessarily full of power despite 16 hours of charging
…are unreliable, high maintenance, and NOT more economical!

Medic Batteries’ 9 volt paintball batteries are 100% guaranteed to be the highest quality, most reliable paintball batteries available. Our paintball batteries are always stored properly, are shipped to us from factories in the USA, and are sent out, in most cases, right away after you order. Call us! Our excellent customer service representatives are available to accommodate your paintball battery needs!

So suit up in every Tippman paintball accessory you own, install a 9 Volt paintball battery from Medic Batteries, and get in the game! Ready? Aim! FIRE!