Toy Batteries

Sure the kids are happy when their portable electronics, walkie talkies and remote control robots are off and running, but if the toy batteries give out faster than junior’s attention span, Dad’s in the dog house. Luckily for kids and parents across the country, Medic Batteries’ toy batteries will keep those games and gadgets powered up until Mom yells, “Turn that thing off!”

Toy batteries take a beating. Toy batteries need to be reliable enough to power a toy for hours one day and be ready to do it again the next. Medic Batteries toy batteries are the highest quality toy batteries on the market because our toy batteries are guaranteed 100% fresh from the factory, are always made in the USA, are economically packaged in bulk and are never brand name imitations. Our customer service toy battery experts are available from 9AM to 5PM EST Monday - Friday for any critical needs concerning toy batteries. Kids never slow down – why should their toy batteries? Choose Medic Batteries!

9-volt alkaline