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Discount Bulk Duracell Batteries and Energizer Batteries

Family owned Medic Batteries has provided churches, hospitals, schools, law enforcement agencies, theaters, TV/radio stations and home owners with dependable, long-lasting Duracell batteries and Energizer batteries since 1993.  We’re honest, easy to work with, reliable and experienced battery experts always available by phone to fill orders, solve problems and answer questions...

Let Us Treat You Like Family and Save You 30%-50% Off Retail Battery Prices!

Purchase Duracell batteries and Energizer batteries from Medic! Consumer, Corporate, Non-Profit, and Government Sales are Welcome! We offer the highest quality alkaline and lithium 9 Volt, AA, AAA, C, D and other popular sized Duracell batteries and Energizer batteries at discounted, bulk prices.

Who's minding the store?

We are! We stock all of our Duracell batteries and Energizer batteries in a state of the art, cool, dry storage facility. Each battery is date coded, monitored and accounted for to guarantee you the freshest batteries with the greatest possible power.

Think about it...

You wouldn't parachute with a pillowcase...
Hike in high tops...
Or surf on a skateboard...
So why take a chance on a charge?
Choose Medic Batteries!

Order Online or Call Us TODAY for your Duracell batteries and Energizer batteries.

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