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A cheap battery is - in a word - unreliable.

Cheap batteries are imitations, likely several years old.

Cheap batteries have been improperly stored and won't last.

Cheap batteries have expired before you even buy them.

Plenty of other companies sell the cheapest batteries around, but they just aren't worth it!

What you think you’re saving on a cheap battery can cost you more in replacements. Don’t waste your money. Trust Medic’s discount batteries for both savings and long-lasting, reliable power.

Cheap batteries are not worth it!

  • They are in a word... unreliable 
  • Many are imitations, likely several years old 
  • Most have been improperly stored and won't last 
  • Oftentimes they have expired before you even buy them

Your smart choice –– discount batteries from Medic Batteries – here's why:

Quality Product – Our discount batteries are the highest quality batteries available. We sell high quality Energizer and Rayovac batteries. While other companies are offering the cheapest batteries on the market, they’re cutting corners with inferior products low on charge. Discount batteries from Medic Batteries save you money while still packing a powerful punch!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied with your Medic Batteries discount batteries, we'll take them back. Our discount batteries are quality guaranteed by the manufacturer. Should any damage occur to your device as a result of a defective battery, you are protected by the original manufacturer's guarantee. (Can’t get that from a cheap battery purchase!)

Choosing Medic Batteries means you’re choosing quality. Stock up on your discount batteries today - name brands at affordable prices you can rely on -  and say goodbye to the days of cheap batteries letting you down!