Industrial battery, Commercial battery: Alkaline and Lithium: Low prices

Production companies, government offices, businesses and theaters burn through commercial batteries like athletes guzzle Gatorade. These organizations use a tremendous number of commercial batteries every day in devices like wireless microphones, flashlights and smoke detectors, so for them, an industrial battery sold in bulk makes sense for four reasons:

  • An industrial battery meets the same high quality standards as regular Energizer, Duracell, or Rayovac alkaline or lithium batteries, packaged for commercial use
  • An industrial battery package is easier to store than a retail package
  • An industrial battery saves time – no need to open interpacks – quick access to battery supply
  • An industrial battery is a fresher battery and has very good shelf life

If you’re looking for commercial batteries from an experienced industrial battery distributor, you’ve come to the right place. We carry the finest brands like Energizer industrial batteries, Duracell Procell industrial batteries, and Rayovac industrial batteries to keep your high-tech, heavily used devices powered up and running. All of our commercial batteries are made in the USA or to USA specs, bundled in compact, tight rows in easily stackable boxes to help you save space and money by buying commercial batteries in bulk. As always, every industrial battery we sell is 100% guaranteed. So lose the package, but use the power. Choose MEDIC Batteries