Want a Great Deal on a Top-Brand AA Lithium Battery? Make Medic Batteries Your Trusted Source

If you’re looking for a powerful AA lithium battery, consider buying an Energizer AA lithium battery from Medic Batteries. Lithium batteries use lithium in its pure metallic form, which gives these batteries advantages over traditional alkaline batteries.

•    Lithium batteries last up to four times as long as alkaline batteries—your AA lithium battery will have a minimum shelf life of 10 years. Because of this longer shelf life, fewer lithium batteries end up in landfills and pollute the Earth.
•    Lithium batteries are able to withstand extreme temperatures, so they are an excellent choice for outdoor use.
•    Lithium batteries weigh as much as one-third less than alkaline batteries, so your portable electronics will feel lighter and be more comfortable to carry around.

Medic Batteries offers a variety of sizes of lithium batteries made by top-name manufacturers. For those looking for a AA lithium battery, we proudly carry the Energizer brand. And because we store all of our batteries in a temperature-controlled environment, we guarantee that any one we sell—AA lithium battery or any other kind—will be fresh and ready to deliver the long-lasting power our customers expect.