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Medic Batteries always delivers great batteries at a great price, but getting AAA batteries cheap is only part of your battery choice. A cheap AAA battery also needs to be the right battery for your use. Medic carries lithium, alkaline, and rechargeable AAA batteries, and each one is right for a different purpose.

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•    Choose a lithium AAA battery for maximum durability and performance. Lithium AAA batteries are more expensive than alkaline, but have up to four times the useful life – Not a cheap AAA battery but definitely a great investment in the long term. These batteries are best for energy-intensive, high-drain devices like cameras and digital electronics, or for use where frequent battery replacement is difficult.

•    Alkaline AAA batteries are the first choice for an everyday, cheap AAA battery. They combine performance, economy, and a good shelf life, making them an excellent choice if you need quality AAA batteries cheap.

•    Rechargeable AAA batteries are a smart environmental choice and are excellent for occasional use. A rechargeable may not be a cheap AAA battery initially, but may be a great investment in the long term. Rechargeable AAA batteries perform best when charged immediately before and after each use. Rechargeable batteries do, however, may lose their charge even when a device is off.

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