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Bulk Battery Packs

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No bells, no whistles, just batteries!

Our customers buy battery packs in terrific volume which is why we can provide top quality battery packs at a lower cost than just about anyone else. High drain equipment burns through hundreds of battery packs a year so call Medic Batteries and stock up!

Why buy Medic bulk battery packs:

  • Quick turnover – Medic battery packs are always fresh
  • Highest quality battery packs – guaranteed!
  • Top name brands: Energizer, Duracell, Rayovac and Ultralife battery packs
  • Battery packs have been properly stored for longer shelf life
  • Bulk packaging – easy access, no plastic inner packs to open.

A Medic bulk battery pack consists of tightly layered batteries in a thin, cardboard box. That’s it. If you’re buying bulk battery packs from us, you don’t want a fancy battery pack box, but you do want high quality, fresh, 100% guaranteed batteries and superior customer service.


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