Know the Facts About Lithium Before Buying Cheap Alkaline Batteries or Discount Alkaline Batteries

The two most common types of batteries are alkaline and lithium. When deciding between discount alkaline batteries and lithium batteries, it is important to understand the benefits of each.

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Lithium batteries have extraordinary life and power. Light and able to handle extreme temperatures, they last up to four times as long as alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries are ideal for high-drain uses including digital cameras and advanced electronics, and they are recommended (and sometimes required) for smoke detectors. Their performance comes at a price—lithium batteries are significantly more expensive and cost more to ship than cheap alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries are the standard for economy and performance, Affordable and reliable, cheap alkaline batteries are the most common choice for daily use. Alkaline batteries are much less expensive than lithium batteries of the same size, and they require no special shipping.

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