Does Brand Make a Difference for CR 123a Lithium Batteries?

It pays to be selective when buying CR 123a lithium batteries. Your choice is about much more than just price, whether you need the batteries to do your job or just to get that perfect picture.

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Safety, performance and reliability can vary widely between brands.

  • Safety. Generic or off-brand 123a lithium batteries may not be tested or manufactured to U.S. standards. They may even be counterfeit or unsafe. You can never be sure what you’re getting unless you purchase top-brand lithium batteries that have a solid reputation such as Duracell.
  • Performance. Not all 123a lithium batteries perform equally. Battery capacity, current output and long-term performance can vary even among name brands. The batteries that Medic sells are all solid performers in these areas.
  • Reliability. Generic or off-brand batteries may have a shorter shelf life and a lower initial charge compared to brand-name batteries, especially since they may have been sitting on the shelf for a long time before they were shipped to you. Medic Batteries sells only properly stored and guaranteed fresh Duracell CR 123a lithium batteries. 

Duracell is an excellent lithium battery choice for any application.  Duracell CR 123a lithium batteries have the highest capacity and strongest current of any CR 123a you can buy, and they are date coded, fully tested, and guaranteed.

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