Experience the Power of 123 Lithium Batteries – Also Known As CR123 3V Lithium Batteries

Many of today’s most popular electronic devices run on 123 lithium batteries, also known as CR123 3V lithium batteries. Lithium batteries produce much higher voltage than alkaline cell batteries—for instance, Duracell Ultra CR 123 3V lithium batteries offer up to four times the power of alkaline batteries. Even though they are more expensive than ordinary batteries, 123 lithium batteries last longer and therefore can be more cost effective.

CR 123 3V lithium batteries are most often used in portable consumer devices such as digital cameras and Streamlight or SureFire tactical lights. Some devices specifically require 123 lithium batteries, while others allow users to choose between alkaline and lithium. Lithium batteries are growing in popularity because of the power and longevity they provide.

Medic Batteries offers several top-brand CR 123 3V lithium batteries for you to choose from. Whether your main consideration is cost or performance, we have the right 123 lithium batteries to fit your needs.