Batteries for Wireless In Ear Monitors

In ear monitors are invaluable to musicians, sound engineers and stage performers. But any talented musician, whose in ear monitor, wireless companies would love to supply, cannot waste time with in ear monitors with poor sound quality. Shure, whose in ear monitor, wireless companies envy, is one of the best in ear monitors on the market and an in ear monitor frequently powered by Medic batteries. The in ear monitor Shure developed is designed to produce far superior sound quality than other in ear monitors. The in ear monitor Shure sells is the industry standard for in ear monitor durability and reliability which means it is a perfect match for Medic’s durable, reliable batteries. If you’re going to use a wireless in ear monitor, definitely power it with Medic batteries!

Medic Batteries stocks Duracell and Energizer batteries, the premium wireless in ear monitor batteries on the market.

9-volt alkaline