OEM Batteries – Primary Batteries At Medic

“TRY ME!” reads each action figure box in the toy store. So, gladly, every single child gives the Bat Belt a buzz… over…and over…and over again. Thank goodness for Medic Batteries OEM batteries! High quality original equipment batteries, or OEM batteries, are vital to any company who sells “batteries included” products with a primary battery pre-installed. These companies know products with OEM batteries are very attractive to customers – but only if the primary batteries work!

Medic Batteries supplies superior, general purpose alkaline and lithium Energizer and Duracell OEM batteries to companies who depend on primary batteries to give their products a long, powerful shelf life. Because OEM batteries might sit in stores for months, these primary batteries must be completely fresh when they’re installed and must come from a reputable OEM battery supplier like Medic Batteries. Our OEM batteries are 100% guaranteed to retain their power longer than inferior, poorly made primary batteries that have faded long before the product is finally purchased. Medic Batteries primary batteries are:

  • economically packaged in bulk
  • shipped immediately in most cases
  • competitively price
  • properly stored
  • backed by excellent customer service

9-volt alkaline