Parking Meter Batteries

A parking meter brings in substantial revenue. Some parking meters are coin operated, some parking meters have remote sensors to allow credit card payment, and some parking meters can increase fees as a car continues to occupy a space. But no matter how parking meters make money, every parking meter needs a battery. And without a reliable, long lasting battery, a parking meter cannot make money at all.

Parking meter batteries must be fresh, durable, extremely long lasting, and able to withstand temperature fluctuations – all at a fair price. Parking meter batteries from Medic Batteries offer all this and more. Our batteries for parking meters are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, always stored in a cool, dry warehouse, and are shipped in economical, bulk packages immediately, in most cases, when we receive the order. Should you ever have a problem or need advice regarding parking meter batteries, our superior customer service representatives can accommodate your parking meter battery requirements.

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