Pre-charged Technology

Pre-charged rechargeable technology was originally developed in 2005, combining the advantages of rechargeable and alkaline batteries. Pre-charged rechargeable batteries are ready to use right out of the package. Unlike typical rechargeable batteries, pre-charged rechargeable batteries maintain their charge longer when not in use (up to 6 months!)

How do Rayovac Hybrid Batteries work?

Rayovac Hybrid pre-charged batteries are made with a specially formulated Nickel metal alloy, and are treated with an innovative, safe, non-toxic chemical process.

These advances in battery manufacturing slow down the chemical reaction that causes regular rechargeable batteries to lose their charge. The electrons remain in the battery until they are put to use in your device.

Rayovac pre-charged batteries, the Rayovac Hybrid are available in AA and AAA 4 packs. Ray o vac rechargeable Hybrid pre-charged Batteries offer the following advantages:

  •         Rayovac Hybrid batteries maintain charge longer than 6 months when not in use
  •         Take up to 400 digital photos per charge (results may vary by camera.)
  •         Ray o vac rechargeable Hybrid batteries work in all chargers
  •         No memory effect so batteries won't lose charge capacity over time
  •         Save $100's vs. alkaline batteries
  •         1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

Like rechargeables, Rayovac Hybrid batteries deliver high performance time and again – saving time and environmental waste. Like disposable alkaline, Rayovac Hybrid batteries come conveniently ready to use and maintain charge over time.

Using low discharge technology, the Rayovac Hybrid batteries last 4 times longer in digital cameras than alkaline batteries. Ray o vac rechargeable Hybrids are also superior to typical rechargeable batteries. After 6 months not in use, Rayovac Hybrid batteries retain 80% battery power, while other rechargeables retain only 40%.

Rayovac rechargeable Hybrid batteries operate reliably in temperature extremes of -10° C to 45° C. All of this combined with a great price makes Ray o vac Rechargeable Hybrid batteries a great buy.