Duracell Lithium 3V Batteries

Medic Batteries is proud to carry 123 and CR2 Duracell lithium 3V batteries. These Duracell Ultra 3V batteries are long-lasting, offering 4 times the power of alkaline batteries. Duracell 3v lithium batteries also operate well in extreme temperatures.

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Duracell lithium 3V batteries are used to power high drain electronic devices such as digital cameras and tactical flashlights. Professional photographers, police departments and more trust Medic Batteries for Duracell Ultra 3V batteries. Why do they come back to Medic Batteries time and time again?

• Freshness – Medic Batteries carries a fresh Duracell 3V lithium camera battery supply. Each battery has a 7 year minimum shelf life and is 100% guaranteed.
• Low Prices – Medic Batteries offers consistently low prices on Duracell lithium 3V batteries.
• Free Shipping – 123 and CR2 Duracell 3 Volt lithium batteries ship free.
• Fast Delivery – Place your Duracell 3V batteries order by 4 p.m. EST M-F and it will ship same day.
• Bulk Packaging – Duracell 3V batteries are sold in economical, bulk packaging, not inconvenient blister packs.

Why buy Duracell Ultra 3V batteries anywhere else? Choose Medic Batteries for your Duracell lithium 3V batteries!