Rayovac Platinum Rechargeable NiMH 9V Batteries Precharged Battery

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The Platinum technology of Rayovac’s 9v NiMH battery allows the battery, while not in use, to hold its charge better than many traditional NiMH batteries. The 9v NiMH battery comes pre-charged and ready for use. Like alkaline batteries, NiMH 9v batteries can be used right out of their package, but NiMH 9v batteries last much longer in high-drain devices than alkaline batteries. One Platinum 9v NiMH battery could equal up to 1,500 alkaline batteries.

What are the benefits of pre-charged battery technology?

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Attention Wireless Mic Users:  9V batteries vary is size.  Please refer to your device manufacturer's battery recommendation.  Learn more.

With Rayovac’s low self discharge technology, Rayovac’s 9V NiMH battery holds 70% of its charge for up to 6 months. The 9v NiMH battery can be recharged and reused over 500 times, for use in any 9 volt device. Because these 9V NiMH batteries can be used hundreds of times, Rayovac 9V NiMH batteries are the right choice for the environment.  They produce significantly less waste, and are reusable and renewable for environmental sustainability.  Rayovac 9v NiMH batteries also do not contain harmful elements such as chemicals found in older, nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries.

Every Rayovac hybrid 9v NiMH battery is properly stored in our dry, cool warehouse – shipped FREE and guaranteed 100% by Medic Batteries.

More Information
SKU MRY9V000951
Manufacturer Product Number PL1604-1 GEN
Chemistry NiMH
Nominal Voltage 9 V
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Rechargeable Yes
For Use In Paintball, toys, flashlights
Battery Replacement Cross Reference Guide 1604AC, 1604A, A1604, AL-9V, 7590, 6AM6
Product Minimum Shelf Life

Note: Manufacturer does not stamp this battery or packaging with expiration date. We guarantee battery freshness for minimum shelf life shown above.

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