Whether Coppertop or Procell, Duracell 9v Batteries Deliver on Performance and Longevity

Duracell 9v batteries—as well as other brands—are used in some of the most important devices. When it comes to your smoke detector, for instance, or even your alarm clock, you want a battery you can rely on. That’s why so many consumers choose 9volt Duracell batteries over other brands.

9volt Duracell, Duracell 9v

Duracell 9v batteries are available under two names—Coppertop and Procell. Coppertops are typically marketed to consumers, providing the trusted technology to power personal and home appliances and electronics. Procells are manufactured for professionals. The Procell 9volt Duracell battery is charged to 9.5 volts or higher to give it top performance and longevity, and is packaged in an easy-open bulk container for fast access.

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