Critical Applications - Law Enforcement

Medic Batteries is a leading provider of alkaline and lithium batteries used by law enforcement agencies in tactical flashlights, Bearcat Uniden police scanners powered by AA batteries, laser aiming devices, sensors, Zoll AED defibrillators powered by lithium 3 volt 123 batteries and more.

Batteries used in law enforcement, such as the AA battery in the Bearcat Uniden police scanner and the Surefire tactical light, must be fresh, durable, extremely long lasting, and able to withstand temperature fluctuations – all at a fair price. Products from Medic Batteries offer all this and more. Our batteries for law enforcement, police departments are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, always stored in a cool, dry warehouse, made in the USA or to strict USA standards, and are shipped in economical, bulk packages immediately, in most cases, when we receive the order.

Should you ever have a problem or need advice regarding your batteries, our superior customer service representatives are standing by!