Batteries For Survival Tools for Survivalists

Survivalists looking for the best survival tools often search for batteries to power flashlights and other hand held electronics. offers a wide variety of batteries – and flashlights – to meet survival equipment needs.  Our competitive pricing and accurate shelf life expectations allow you to stock up on your long term survival items and restock as needed.  Our medical grade batteries are trusted by many professionals and survivalists who rely on us to fuel their devices. 

Learn how Medic Batteries can help fill and replenish your survival items at available volume discounts. 

Stocking Up on Survival Items

Medic has a diverse inventory to browse, including:

  • Popular brands like Energizer and Duracell
  • Batteries, flashlights, and battery testers
  • Range of battery types such as D, 9V, and AA 

Call one of our experienced staff members to learn more about how our products match your survival items list.  With our knowledgeable customer service staff, you are sure to find the best survival tools obtainable at volume discounts.  Get started by ordering online at or by calling (800) 479-6334.  

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