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Bug Out Bag Essentials

How to build a bug out bag is a question that goes through every prepper’s mind at one point or another.  Among many other things, emergency prep organizations recommend including extra batteries that may be used for flashlights, radios (including 2-way radios), and other electronic devices as a part of your bug out basics. 

Medic Batteries offers a variety of battery types including AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and others at unbeatable prices. 

Why Choose For Your Bug Out Bag Essentials?

Some reasons to include Medic’s quality batteries in your bug out bag essentials preparation are:

  • Guaranteed freshness
  • Discounted, bulk prices
  • Clear minimum shelf life and expiration dates
  • Free Shipping on orders $125+

Medic Batteries offers a variety of Rayovac Flashlights and Multi-Battery Testers which give you the state of the charge on a variety of battery types.  These are especially helpful in keeping contents of the bug out basics fresh if they are not being used for long periods at a time. 

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Bug Out Bag Essentials