Bug Out Bag Basics and Ideas

Bug Out Bag Essentials
Having a preppers checklist is an essential part of what goes in a bug out bag.  Knowing where to buy an item in bulk can be problematic if you are making a number of kits.  Let us take some of the work out of what goes in a bug out bag by giving you a one stop shop for your flashlights and batteries such as 9V, AA and D.  Professionals in the medical field, law enforcement, and others trust our medical grade battery supply.

Benefits of Using Medic Batteries:

  • Frequent promotional discounts
  • Many items ship Free!
  • Top name brands
  • Freshness guaranteed

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to meet a wide array of needs including fulfilling your bug out bag ideas.  We offer guidance on the minimum shelf life of each battery type so you know when you need to replace them. Our batteries are sure to stay fresh in between kit maintenance checks and until you need to use them.  

Visit Medic Batteries online to get started on your preppers checklist and get your bug out basics today.  

Bug Out Bag Essentials