Save by Buying Duracell Batteries Wholesale—in Small Amounts or in a Batteries Lot—From Medic Batteries

Duracell batteries are known for their quality and reliability. Medic Batteries is proud to make Duracell performance affordable for every user. We sell Duracell batteries in 9 volt, AA, AAA, C, D, CR123a, and CR2 sizes.

Duracell batteries wholesale, batteries lot
Many businesses go through batteries lot after lot, day after day. Medic Batteries sells all Duracell batteries in cost-effective and efficient volume packages, so companies and consumers can always have reliable batteries on hand. We store our batteries carefully and guarantee that each one is fresh. Orders over $300 are shipped absolutely free, and every order we receive before 4 p.m. EST is shipped the same day. 

You will always find low prices on Duracell batteries.  We carry several battery sizes which you can purchase in smaller quantities before ordering a larger quantity.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with the product, great customer service & fast, same-day shipping.

Duracell 9V Coppertop Alkaline batteries (MN1604)
Duracell Procell 9 volt (PC1604)
Duracell Procell AA (PC1500)
Duracell Procell AAA (PC2400)
Duracell Procell C (PC1400)
Duracell Procell D (PC1300)
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