Duracell Procell PC2400: Coppertop AAA Battery for the Professional

If you demand a lot out of your AAA batteries, Duracell has you covered. There’s no stronger or more reliable battery available than the Duracell MN2400 (the Duracell Coppertop AAA battery). But Duracell knows that some users—like high-volume users and those who depend on batteries in a working environment—need even more than the Coppertop can provide. That’s where the Duracell Procell comes in. The Procell PC2400 is the Duracell MN2400 enhanced for the professional.

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How can you enhance a Duracell Coppertop AAA battery? Duracell knows that there’s no substitute for Coppertop technology, so there are no surprises inside the Procell PC2400. Each one is internally identical to the Duracell MN2400, but Duracell charges each Procell above the normal Coppertop charge, for long life and performance.

Duracell also adds convenience and economy to Procell AAA batteries. You’ll typically find Duracell batteries in the small packages available in stores. Duracell Procells are sold in bulk packs at wholesale prices: You’ll save time and money and always have a fresh battery on hand.

We’re here to deliver Procell performance and value to you. When it’s time to switch from the Duracell MN2400 to the Procell, no one delivers fresher batteries, higher-quality customer service, and a better guarantee than Medic Batteries.

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