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It’s not difficult to find bulk cheap batteries for sale. Many online stores sell off-brand (and sometimes even counterfeit) batteries at very low prices. The problem with finding cheap batteries is just that; they are cheap! Low-quality batteries that let you down when you need them most.

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Finding the brands you know and trust—like Energizer, Rayovac, Ultralife, and Duracell at wholesale prices is much more difficult. That’s where Medic Batteries comes in.

With Medic Batteries, you never need to compromise quality for price. We specialize in bulk packages of batteries that save you money and guarantee that you’ll have a fresh battery on hand every time you need one.

Medic Batteries offers much more than those stores with just cheap batteries for sale. We have low prices on bulk packages of name-brand batteries plus fast shipping, great customer service, and an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. All of this makes the difference between buying a cheap battery and buying Duracell wholesale from the professionals at Medic Batteries.

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