Guaranteed Fresh Batteries for Your Emergency Kits

According to many emergency preparedness guides, flashlights are a critical tool in emergency kits. Along with flashlights, kits should include plenty of extra batteries.  Medic Batteries offers both batteries and flashlights in our wide inventory.  From Energizer to Rayovac, we carry a number of brands that are sure to meet your needs. 

With our superior customer service and satisfaction guarantee, you’ll get the emergency supplies you need without any added worry.   

Finding All Your Emergency Supplies

You may have household members requiring special battery operated equipment. Medic’s stock includes specialty batteries used for medical equipment and other devices. Prepare your entire family for any unexpected event through large our selection including: 

  • Hearing aid batteries, AA, D, and many more
  • High beam lights, LED flashlights, outdoor lights, and more
  • Battery testers

For more information on how we can help stock your emergency kits, call (800) 479-6334.  

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