Why Power Streamlight Flashlights With Duracell Ultra 123 Batteries?

When you need batteries for your Streamlight flashlights, count on Medic Batteries to provide the best battery for you. The Duracell Ultra 123 lithium battery is the perfect replacement for the Streamlight batteries. Professionals such as emergency, police personnel depend on Streamlight flashlights because they are a reliable light source. You can count on the Duracell 123 battery to be equally reliable. Medic Batteries offers the Duracell Ultra 123 lithium battery as an ideal replacement for the Streamlight 123 batteries, so your flashlight won’t go out when you need it the most.

Medic Batteries provides you with the Duracell Ultra 123 lithium batteries which are:
•    The BEST Streamlight batteries replacements you can find!
•    Available in either a 6-, 12-, 50-, 200-pack.
•    A high-powered, reliable and long-lasting pack of Streamlight 123 batteries.
•    Offered at a great price for the Streamlight batteries.
•    Shipped free to you.

So make sure you purchase your Streamlight 123 batteries from Medic batteries – because you can’t afford for your flashlights to go out.