Survival Preparation Creating a Survival List

Survival Preparation Creating a Survival List

Creating a survival list is a key part of survivalism. Survival preparation requires you not only create this list but also gather and store these items for later use.  An important thing to remember is to stock up on plenty of batteries for electronic devices like radios and flashlights.

Medic Batteries can help with your survival preparation by providing discount bulk batteries including industry preferred brands like Duracell and Energizer. 

Survival List Preparation with Medic Batteries

Why you should choose Medic:

  • We carry a variety of batteries including 9V, AA, D and many more
  • 30%-50% off retail prices
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Medic Batteries is consistent, reliable, and trusted by professionals including those in the medical field.  Visit our website today or call and see why our customer service is exceptional.  


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