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Wireless microphones provide freedom. Freedom from the cable that connects the wireless mic to the sound system. The wireless microphone user can move around with complete freedom thanks to a wireless mic.

Medic Batteries also provides freedom. Freedom from worry that wireless microphone batteries will give out while they are in use! Wireless microphone batteries from Medic Batteries will never let you down because we understand wireless mics and the crucial role wireless microphone batteries play in powering them.

Our wireless microphone batteries are top or the line Energizer or Duracell product, have been properly stored in a cool, dry warehouse, are made in the USA or to strict USA standards, and in most cases, are shipped immediately. We offer consistently low prices on wireless mic batteries and most importantly, when you buy wireless mic batteries from Medic, you will be able to reach a real person 99% of the time during our operating hours with any questions about wireless microphone batteries.

Attention Wireless Mic Users:
9V batteries vary is size.  Please refer to your device manufacturer's battery recommendation.  Learn more.

Wireless Microphones and Wireless Mic Batteries

Why buy wireless microphone batteries anywhere else? Choose your charge from Medic!