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How to Accurately Check Batteries with ZTS Battery Testers

Have you ever wondered the best way to determine weak or failing batteries? Consider ZTS battery testers for accurate pulse load tests. These ZTS battery testers provide the most reliable and accurate alkaline battery test, lithium, NiMH and more. The microprocessor-controlled battery checker computes the battery’s remaining power capacity using a high accuracy pulse load test. After a fully automatic test cycle, percentage of remaining battery capacity is indicated on the LED bar display. Battery types are clearly labeled next to the appropriate contacts, and test results are easy to understand.

You can have a ZTS battery tester in your home and office as well. The average U.S. household has more than 20 battery operated devices. Whether you're testing for safety - such as smoke detectors, flashlights, baby monitors - or simply sorting the batteries in your kitchen drawer, a ZTS battery tester will give you fast and accurate test results.

ZTS battery testers

The ZTS Multi Batteries Tester works with over 30 battery types. The pocket size ZTS battery testers test over 15 battery sizes. The ZTS battery testers will conduct alkaline, lithium, and even rechargeable tests.

Features you'll find on every ZTS Multi-Battery Tester™

• Easy to use, and easy to understand test results
• No knobs or dials
• Fully automatic - microprocessor-controlled Pulse Load test
• Virtually indestructible polycarbonate faceplate label - sub-surface printing will never wear off
• High quality, kinkless test lead wire(s)
• Backed by a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee

A review from a recent customer:

"Just wanted to say I purchased a ZTS tester and LOVE it. Without a doubt, it is the most advanced tester on the market...something long overdue. Thanks for a great product!"

Stop searching for a low end batteries tester, and put your trust in Medic Batteries when you buy ZTS battery testers for your batteries. If you need to perform lithium, photo, rechargeable, or an alkaline battery test, buy the best…buy ZTS battery testers for high accuracy pulse load tests.

ZTS battery testers

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