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Medic Batteries is a family-owned discount battery provider. We carry one of the largest selections of name-brand discount batteries, including Energizer bulk batteries and coin cell bulk batteries, Duracell bulk batteries, Rayovac Lithium bulk batteries, and more.  All of our batteries are stored in a safe, climate-controlled environment. We pay careful attention to manufacturer storage directions and expiration dates to ensure the strongest and longest-lasting battery charge is delivered straight to your door.

Medic’s battery selection offers the perfect power source for every application. Our selection includes industrial, alkaline, lithium, and button coin cell Energizer bulk batteries; coppertop and Procell Duracell bulk batteries; and alkaline, rechargeable, and lithium bulk Rayovac batteries. We’ve mapped out our entire battery selection to save you time finding the right size and source for your needs. Shop the above 9 Volt, AA, AA, C and D, and More rows to quickly see everything Medic has to offer in the size you’re looking for today.

Why Should I Buy Bulk Batteries?

Think about your day – do you use a remote to turn on the television? Do you use a wireless mouse at your computer? Do you catch the flash of your smoke detector light down the hall, or check your watch for the time? All of these devices in your life run on batteries – and that’s only a fraction of your day! Bulk Energizer batteries and Duracell bulk batteries are something that you should stock up on and ready for you when the power is running low in your most important gadgets and appliances at the most crucial moment.

Professionals in the medical, educational, industrial, Government agency fields and more rely on Medic’s selection of Energizer bulk batteries, Duracell bulk batteries, Rayovac Lithium bulk batteries and other reliable power sources to charge through their day. From machines and equipment you use every day to the important gadgets and resources you reach for in emergencies, you want to be sure a full power is available on hand. With bulk batteries, you have the power now and later – whether that is in the form of large rechargeable Rayovac bulk batteries or smaller Energizer button coin cell bulk batteries!

Medic’s Customer Experience team is here to help and offer assistance for consumer, non-profit, corporate, and government ordering. Order your Energizer, Duracell, and Rayovac bulk batteries online today!

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