Rayovac Batteries: More Power for Your Money with Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries & Industrial Alkaline Rayovac Batteries

Did you know Rayovac batteries last as long as Duracell and Energizer? In fact, Ultra Pro industrial alkaline Rayovac batteries are the #1 selling industrial batteries among top industrial distributors. Engineered for professional use, Rayovac batteries deliver excellent power for the most demanding devices. Available in convenient closable and reusable contractor packs, the Rayovac alkaline industrial battery is well protected against damage and short-circuiting. Medic Batteries stocks the freshest Rayovac batteries and products at low prices. Choose Medic for all of your Rayovac batteries and power needs today!


Medic Batteries offers one of the largest online selections of discounted Rayovac batteries, including Rayovac rechargeable batteries and industrial alkaline Rayovac batteries. Rayovac batteries offer the same high-quality and long-lasting charge as other name brand styles, with even more savings. Medic Batteries trust Rayovac batteries to power their most important tools and gadgets every day, ranking industrial alkaline Rayovac batteries among our top sellers.


Medic Batteries stores all of our Rayovac batteries in a safe and climate controlled environment according to manufacture suggestions and expiration dates to ensure the strongest charge is delivered to your door. Many of our batteries even ship free, including Rayovac rechargeable batteries and industrial alkaline batteries. Orders placed before 4PM EST ship same day from our warehouse from our choice of reliable carriers. Most Rayovac batteries are delivered within 2-7 business days. Orders are shipped in discrete, unlabeled boxes for package safety.


Bulk Rayovac batteries are perfect to have on hand for domestic, corporate, and agency use. With multiple battery and carton sizes, Medic offers the right Rayovac batteries for every day-to-day and emergency need. Rayovac offers popular AA, AAA, C, and D size batteries, as well as large 6 volt lantern batteries, rechargeable batteries, industrial alkaline batteries, and small hearing aid batteries.  Rayovac batteries are designed to the same high-quality standards as other name brand styles while offered at even more affordably discounted prices.


Rayovac Batteries from Medic:

  • Discounted pricing on popular and specialty styles
  • Bulk ordering by the pack, reusable case, and carton
  • Stored according to manufacturing guidelines for long-lasting charge
  • High-quality results comparable to name brand companies
  • Fast free and flat rate shipping available
  • Offer Rayocav batteries and accessories, including flashlights


Medic Batteries is a family owned and operated online retailer of quality discounted bulk batteries. We stock popular and specialty sized styles, including Rayovac rechargeable batteries perfect for high-drain devices like digital cameras and industrial alkaline Rayovac batteries for commercial use comparable to many of our Duracell battery styles. We back our batteries with a satisfaction guarantee, promising a strong and reliable charge from every battery.

Order your Rayovac batteries online today! Our Customer Experience team is available to help place orders over the phone at (800) 479-6334, or through online chat. 

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