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Flashlights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes for every type of work and need. But when it comes to industrial settings and emergency situations, you need a durable flashlight you can depend on; you need a Rayovac flashlight.

Tools are designed to take a beating, so shouldn’t your flashlight do the same? The Rayovac flashlight industrial lines are designed to do just that: stand up against extreme working conditions and continually deliver strong and reliable results. In fact, Rayovac is proud to manufacture the best selling flashlight in the industrial marketplace. The IN2 is one heavy duty flashlight. Composed of high impact polypropylene, some Rayovac flashlight styles can withstand up to a seven foot drop test and are chemical, oil, gas, water and corrosion resistant.

Medic Batteries offers the durable Rayovac flashlight for every application. From indestructible headlights to lanterns, bright yellow casings to mossy camouflage wraps, the right Rayovac flashlight is available here in bulk orders and discounted pricing. Keep your Rayovac flashlight in your tool box or truck convenience and easy travel to work sites, in your bag for hunting and fishing trips, in the garage for car and yard work, or simply in a drawer at home for power emergencies.

Rayovac Flashlight from Medic Batteries:

Durable design, made from high impact polypropylene

Style options for a variety of needs and uses

Bulk ordering for convenience and savings

Discounted pricing Safe storage for freshness and quality

Original manufacturer packaging

Free and flat-rate shipping

Same day shipping available

Some styles with batteries included

Why Buy Bulk Rayovac Flashlights?

Flashlights are a versatile tool that can be used and are often needed in multiple settings. The Rayovac flashlight you use at work can be needed the same night at home. Buy ordering in bulk, you’re prepared with a Rayovac flashlight on hand when you need it most, whenever and wherever that may be! Bulk ordering also helps you save even more on Medic’s already discounted prices. By ordering in multiples, you can take advantage of the discounted price and shipping and save yourself from a future repeat order for a single flashlight. Trust us, once you see the power of a Rayovac flashlight, you’ll be happy to have more!

Medic happily offers bulk Rayovac flashlights because of their durable and reliable design and power. Medic Batteries is one of the largest online retailers of the Rayovac flashlight brand. Our products are stored in a safe and climate controlled environment and are backed with a 100% freshness guarantee.

Get the Right Light – Order Your Rayovac Flashlight Today!

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