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Buy Batteries in Bulk: Three Reasons the Strategy Makes Good Business Sense

Why should you buy batteries in bulk? Buying batteries in larger quantities makes sense for many businesses, organizations, and people who use battery-powered devices every day. Here are the top three reasons why Medic Batteries customers benefit when they buy batteries in bulk:

1. Convenience: No one wants battery buying to be a weekly activity. If you use a lot of battery power, though, changing batteries is a given. When you buy batteries in bulk, you place a single order, receive the shipment, and then are set for the long haul. You won’t need to write “buy batteries” on your to-do list for a long time.

2. Preparedness: Whether it’s a critical work activity or just a hobby, downtime isn’t fun … especially when it’s because you ran out of batteries. You should always have enough replacement batteries on hand to run every battery-operated piece of equipment you own. Customers who buy batteries in bulk are always ready—it’s that simple.

3. Price: A major reason to buy batteries in bulk is that the cost per battery goes down. When you buy batteries in bulk from Medic Batteries, our already great prices become spectacular. Some of our bulk battery packages also qualify for free shipping, so you’ll see an even greater savings. Check out our inventory to see how much you can save by buying in bulk from Medic Batteries.


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Paintball Batteries: All the Power You Need for Every Facet of the Game

Paintball is all about fun, so buying paintball batteries shouldn’t be work. Medic Batteries makes it easy to get all of the paintball batteries you need—for guns, feeders, loaders, and sight equipment—by placing one quick order.

We stock Duracell, Energizer, and Rayovac 9 volts, AAA, AA, C, D, CR2032 paintball batteries and more—everything you need to keep the power flowing. And we sell them at a great price, with same-day shipping, and a 100 percent quality guarantee.

Paintball arenas, fields, and parks across the country have turned to Medic Batteries for years for all of their paintball batteries. Get in on the action and order your own paintball batteries from us today.


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Laser Sight Batteries: The Power for Accuracy

Whether for hunting, self-defense, or sport, you depend on the power of laser sight batteries. Any time you take aim, accuracy is vital—and that means your laser sight batteries need to be reliable.

Medic Batteries provides that reliability, selling brand-name laser sight batteries for use in handguns, shotguns, and even paintball rifles. We’re the go-to source for police departments and hunters across the country.

We stock the most widely used laser sight batteries, including 1/3N, CR123, and CR357/303. They’re all guaranteed fresh, shipped quickly, and sold at exceptional prices. For top-quality laser sight batteries and fantastic service, Medic Batteries is right on target.

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Buy 48-Pack Duracell AA Batteries – Freshest Batteries, Low Cost Shipping, 100% Guarantee

If you’re a heavy user of AA batteries—either in the workplace or at home—we’d like to offer you a great buy: 48-pack Duracell AA batteries.

You already know that Duracell delivers top-quality batteries with reputation for quality and reliability. When you buy 48-pack Duracell AA batteries from Medic Batteries, you can be sure you’re getting that brand-name performance from batteries that have been stored properly and are fresh and ready to go. Our 100 percent quality guarantee ensures it.

Our combination of fast shipping, low prices, and superior service makes Medic Batteries the best place to buy 48-pack Duracell AA batteries online. Just ask Dawn, whose five-star rating of her purchase of this product included this review: The order was easy to place, and it arrived even earlier than expected. Your service was first class.

Buy 48-pack Duracell AA batteries from Medic Batteries today. You’ll be ready for all your power needs.

Buy Fresh Batteries: With Medic Batteries, You’ll Never Get Anything Less

Everyone wants to buy fresh batteries, but how can you be sure that the ones you’re getting are fully charged and ready to go?

One easy solution is to make your purchase from Medic Batteries. Batteries are all we sell, so it’s our business to know how to handle them right.

From the moment they arrive in our warehouse, we store them in a climate-controlled room. We meticulously track our inventory, process orders quickly, and ship them out fast. In other words, you can buy fresh batteries from us with confidence, knowing we’re doing everything right.

Here’s what one customer had to say about the quality of our batteries and service:

“I have recommended Medic Batteries to friends … for all their wireless microphones and any other devices that require excellent and FRESH batteries. I will never shop anywhere else. Thanks for such a wonderful website and also a great product.”—Mark, Houston, TX

We’re so confident in our processes and products that we guarantee the freshness of every Medic Batteries battery you buy. Fresh batteries are simply a given when you order from us.


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The Cheapest Batteries Online: Not Always the Bargain They Seem to Be

Cheapest batteries online.” It’s a highly searched phrase on the Internet, because everyone’s looking for a bargain.

But think for a minute about what you’re really looking for. You want exceptional value. You want to get the most battery power possible for your money. In most cases, buying the cheapest batteries online isn’t going to get you what you want.

The cheapest batteries online likely are cheap for a reason. The freshness, quality, and reliability all may be as low as their price.

Instead of promising you the cheapest batteries online, Medic Batteries promises you the best value: Low prices on fresh, top-brand-name batteries, shipped fast and guaranteed to perform.

One customer told us why he chose Medic Batteries for his recent battery purchase—and it wasn’t because they were the cheapest batteries online:

“Sometimes you go away from a transaction feeling like every element was right, and that people purposely made it that way. So it was with this one. I appreciated the price (not THE cheapest but in the low range), the free shipping (made the price come down near the bottom), the speed with which the batteries came, the little plastic box in which they came, the initials of the person who fulfilled the order on an included card, and … this survey. I have bookmarked your site and will definitely go there when I next need batteries of this type.…” —Jerry, Indiana

Join our long list of customers like Jerry who choose our low-priced, high-quality batteries over simply the cheapest batteries online. 


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Which Is the Best Site to Buy Batteries Online? The Easy Answer

Which is the best site to buy batteries online? Medic Batteries, of course. 

It’s easy for us to say. We know that our freshness guarantee, our superior customer service, our high-quality products, our fast shipping, and our excellent prices make us stand out from the rest.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. A few of our loyal customers weigh in below to help you decide which is the best site to buy batteries online:


•  Medic Batteries has been a great resource for our company! We generally go through batteries like water       so it is extremely important that we have batteries on hand to run our daily business. I have only ordered batteries twice from them so far, but both experiences have left me “In Awe” at the fast response to our order and shipment. You couldn’t ask for a better resource if you are a fast paced company that requires a quick response. —Dyanne S., IT Manager, Bar’s Products, Inc.

•  I’ve used Medic Batteries a few times now for buying large quantities of batteries to power our wireless microphones and couldn’t ask for a better experience. Prices are just right, sales make it even better, and customer service and delivery are fast and efficient. Thanks Medic Batteries! —Bennett, Glen Burnie, MD

•  I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate doing business with Medic Batteries. I found what I wanted, ordered it, and received it within a couple days. The price was great and shipping very fair. You’re a quality business. —Rick, Fallbrook, CA

Still wondering which is the best site to buy batteries online? Call us at 1-800-479-6334 and let our friendly customer service representatives introduce you to the best battery store on the Web.


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Bulk Energizer batteries: top quality, affordable price

Buying bulk Energizer batteries is a smart choice for business. Energizer is a standout name in batteries, and for good reason: They perform day in and day out, delivering long-lasting, reliable power.

Bulk Energizer batteries usually come at a premium cost, but not at Medic Batteries. We’re proud to offer a wide range of Energizer battery sizes at discount bulk pricing, to give you the performance you need at a price that makes sense.

Stop spending time and money buying small, expensive battery packs, and step up to the affordable way to always have top-quality batteries on hand. If your work depends on batteries, stock up on bulk Energizer batteries from Medic Batteries.


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How to Buy Cheap Batteries

Businesses with high battery needs are always looking to buy cheap batteries. Trouble is, low-cost batteries are often cheap in performance as well as price. How do you buy cheap batteries and get the performance and quality you need?

Before you buy cheap batteries, take a good look at who is selling. Do they specialize in batteries? Do they have years of experience and a stellar record of customer service? Do they guarantee every battery is fresh and fully charged?

Medic Batteries does. Medic is more than just a place to buy cheap batteries. It’s the home of battery experts who select, store, and sell only the best name-brand batteries at the lowest possible cost. Your work is worth it—before your business buys one more bargain battery that won’t last the night, buy from Medic Batteries and get top-quality batteries that just happen to be cheap. 

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Cheapest Place to Buy Batteries

Cheapest Place to Buy Batteries

Looking for the cheapest place to buy batteries? You're not alone. It's critical to save money these days, but if your business depends on batteries, you know how quickly the cost adds up. Before you choose a battery source, here are some tips on how to buy smart. The cheapest place to buy batteries can also be the best place to buy batteries, if you know where to look.

How To Find the Cheapest Place to Buy Quality Batteries

First, choose a bulk battery retailer. Buying batteries in bulk saves a tremendous amount of money-and time-over frequent purchases of small retail packages.

Second, don't sacrifice quality for price. No-name batteries may seem less expensive up front, but they're less reliable, wear out faster, and need to be replaced more often. Luckily, it's simple to find the cheapest place to buy batteries and still get the top brand names you know and trust.

Finally, look at the seller. Has it been in business for years? Is it customer-service driven? Does it guarantee the batteries it sells?

Why Buy Batteries in Bulk?

While you may not think you're going to need or use a large amount of batteries for your business, you may surprise yourself. One of the reasons bulk battery sellers are the cheapest place to buy batteries is because by purchasing in larger quantities, they are able to pass the savings directly on to customers. Plus, batteries typically have a long shelf life, meaning you won't have to worry about them expiring before you have a chance to use them. Buying in bulk almost always leads to a more cost effective solution when it comes to running and operating a business.

Medic Batteries: The Cheapest Place to Buy Batteries

Medic Batteries brings all of these benefits to you. It's the cheapest place to buy batteries in bulk with no compromises: top-quality name brands, exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and of course, the low prices your business needs. Visit Medic Batteries today and see how the cheapest place to buy batteries is also simply the best place to buy batteries.


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